Day 5 – St. Clears to Carmarthen

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Rain, rain go away

We’ve been woken up at 4am by torrential rain drumming on the top of Pixi. Great it’s gonna be a wet one. It’s still chucking it down at 6 when the alarm goes off and Roger the Lion messages at 7:15 to ask if we’re still walking. As much as it’d be great to have a day off in the dry, it doesn’t help with scheduling and we’ve still got to make up the miles so it’s on with the wet weather gear so Roger can give us a lift to St. Clears.

Not content with the rain, the first 2 miles are through cow paddocks and wet grass. Everything is getting wet! Soon though grass gives way to tarmac, but even that fees squelchy. Obviously our boots are not as waterproof as we thought.

By mile 6 the rain has stopped and the sun is trying to make an appearance, so at least we can take off the wet weather stuff an start to dry out a bit. We’re looking for a path so we don’t have to walk an extra mile up and over a big hill on the road. According to the map we’re in the right place, but there’s no sign of the path. There happens to be an old guy in his yard so we ask him. ”There’s not been a path there for years, boyo” he says in the broadest Welsh accent I’ve heard yet. so an extra mile it is…..up another hill!

The sun is still trying to make an appearance as we walk in to Carmarthen up Monument Hill. A hill with a monument at the top would you believe.

The Carmarthen Lions have invited us to their meeting tonight for a meal, and also so we can give a short presentation on Zaras journey of recovery and how 3 Million Steps is helping other people with their own rehabilitation.

Todays miles – 11.8

Ians beer of the Day

A darker beer than I prefer and it seems to be a theme in these parts that darker beers are more popular.

A full flavoured, nicely hopped beer.

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