Get involved

Come and say hi at any of the events that we are at or participate yourself on behalf of 3 Million Steps.  Contact us for more details of event places or just to let us know you’ll be there so we can look out for you.

Take the Million Step challenge individually or as a team, by adding up your steps daily to see if you can reach a million steps for brain injury recovery charity and your own well-being.

Get sponsorship from others for encouragement and support towards the million-step commitment. Steps can be completed in any form such as walking, jogging, running or even skipping. Get your friends, family or colleagues involved by teaming up together.

Why not compete with other groups (e.g. different work department colleges) to see who can reach a million steps first?

If people are sponsoring you and they join you for a walk you can include their step count with your own. Take the dog for a walk and include its steps, which will be twice as many as yours because they have two sets of legs!

Downloadable starter pack access includes:

  • Step counter poster
  • Sponsorship forms
  • Information sheet on the charity
  • Step log example

Click here to download your start up pack

We are raising money to buy equipment that will help sufferers of brain injuries in their recovery.  All of the the money donated through the website will go to purchasing the equipment.

Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box so we can claim an extra 20% on top of your donation back from the Tax Man.