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Ideas for activities, equipment and services to aid in the continuation of Brain Injury rehabilitation for both the survivor or carer/family member once initial rehabilitation and its funding has ended.

Useful links to activities, equipment and services

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Gym membership trials, for example, or if you’re already a gym member, some 1:2:1 personal training.

Headpods is a PodCast series about personal stories from Brain Injury survivors from the Norfolk and Waveney area. Presenter Emma, who is a survivor herself, provides a wealth of perspectives and wisdom whilst hearing the true life triumph and resilience from all sorts of Brain Injury journeys.

The hands-free, upright, “fall-safe” mobility aid has arrived in the UK!  “Like a walker, unlike a walker. The only walking aid that will keep you from falling even if you lose your grip or footing,” LifeGlider.

Their network of Inclusive Exercise Specialists provide fitness opportunities for people who require additional support to exercise. Based in Colchester, they provide accessible in person and online exercise workouts for both group and 1:2:1 sessions for people that are not yet ready to hit a public gym.

“A fresh and exciting approach to brain injury support. Our work engages brain injured people with the wider community in a way which invigorates, motivates, and rehabilitates. We aim to enable those affected by brain injury (Silverliners) to rediscover a sense of purpose, direction and meaning as well as educating the public to the plight of those affected,” Silverliners

As a brain injury survivor since 2009, Dudley Garner became a running coach in 2014 and has gone on to setting up the following running activities that are all free of charge to anyone willing to participate:

  • Up The Tempo Couch to 5k
  • Run Dudley Run 1:2:1, small group and prep coaching
  • Run For Me – Wellbeing Group

Locations vary around the Waveney and Norwich, Norfolk area. See His website for more details.

LEGS (Local Exercise Groups for Stroke & Neuro Conditions) – 

Provide rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke or live with a neurological condition with weekly exercise classes, social events, education sessions and more. They have multiple face to face classes located around London and offer Zoom sessions too.

Suffolk Sight is a dedicated team who offer support, advice and guidance based on your individual sight loss needs. Including any that are related to a brain injury. They will work closely with you for as long as you need, offering ideas and solutions to help with confidence and independence.

Packed full of advice and information for both Survivors, careers, and family members for all Brain Injuries during all stages of recovery.

UKABIF (United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum) – 

Are a lobbying, signposting, networking and educational organisation raising awareness of acquired brain injury (abi) and promotes better understand of all aspects of abi’s to drive change for brain injury survivors. 3 Million Steps are official members.

ACPIN (Association of Chartered Physiotherapy In Neurology) –

As one of the largest Professional Networks recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, It’s concerned with all aspects of physiotherapy related to the needs of neurologically impaired adults and their relatives and carers. ACPIN is a dynamic and proactive group who encourage excellence in neurological physiotherapy practice.

The Neurological Alliance – 

Campaigning for real change for the neuro community #BackThe1in6

Their vision is for “Every person affected by a neurological condition can access the right treatment, care and support at the right time.”  3 Million Steps are full members. Find all members who could also help you here

N-ABLES (National Acquired Brain Injury in Learning and Education Syndicate) –

Very informative poster, fact sheets and booklet on the matter.

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