Day 4 – Red Roses to St. Clears

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The Path Less Trodden

We’ve left Pixi in a carpark in St. Clears and Peter, Zaras dad is giving us a lift to Red Roses. The first mile or so along the road is flat ish but as we turn off onto the path we want our progress nearly comes to a halt.

The path hasn’t been kept at all. The brambles are everywhere and are creeping over the ground meaning that our feet are getting snagged nearly every step, and in places the stinging nettles are 4 feet high. Not as bad as the Shropshire Way during JOGLE but it’s slowed us down alot.

We eventually get back on the road after about 3 miles and decide that we’re going to stay on it all the way to LLanddowror and then on to St. Clears just in case the path we had planned to take is the same as before.

We’re moving ahead of ourselves, and have been invited to park at a Carmarthen Lions house for the next couple of nights. At least we can have a proper shower and i’m sure i’ll be on washing duty!

Todays miles – 8.6

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