Complete your own 3 Million Centimetre (30km / 18.6 miles / 1200 lengths of 25m) Either individually or in a team of up to 3 people. Get sponsored to encourage you to push yourself towards a goal that’s challenging for you. Set your own timeframe and location. 

Get active, keep fit, improve coordination and your own well-being whilst raising awareness and funds for others through our brilliant cause that prides itself on giving 100% of your sponsorship money   the services and equipment needed for brain injury survivors and their carers / family.

Don’t hesitate, start planning today and get in contact with us to see how we could assist you with fundraising on and offline. You are in control, you can make the difference.

Zara and Emma’s 3 Million cm Swim and why this fundraising challenge is worthy:

As many know, Zara and unfortunately, many others in similar situations have experienced having to learn to walk again hence the long distance walking challenges in the past. However, not many people think about all of the other skills that are lost after a brain injury including how to float let alone swim in water. It didn’t cross Zara or Ian’s mind especially being qualified lifeguards and Scuba Diving instructors that this would be a problem, but a trip to the local pool in late 2017 soon proved … interesting!

With the help of Emma, one of Zara’s swimming instructors, Zara managed to re-learn to snorkel in time for a holiday back in November 2019. Swimming takes an awful lot of coordination especially when tackling turbulent water, different sounds and basically a completely different environment.

The closure of swimming pools in 2020 meant that these skills got a bit rusty and Zara needed to learn how to breath whilst swimming without a snorkel. So far She has managed 1/2 a mile in an hour.

Emma hasn’t managed to get in the water to swim herself for a number of years so, the pair are hoping this epic challenge will encourage each other to keep going and improve well-being whilst fundraising for a cause close to their hearts.