What we're raising money for

Saebo MAS mini

The SaeboMAS mini is a lightweight, zero gravity, dynamic mobile arm support that challenges and assists the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks. This compact device was specifically designed for clients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions resulting in shoulder and elbow weakness.

Functional Electrical Stimulation - Foot Drop System

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a type of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).  EMS is a treatment that applies small electrical charges to a muscle that has become  paralysed or weakened, due to damage in your brain or spinal cord.  This uses small electrical currents to stimulate selected nerves and muscles and make them contract for movements such as walking.  When used for foot drop, FES targets the nerves at the top of the foot. This causes the foot to flex upwards and stops it from dragging on the ground.

Recumbent Tricycles

Designed with safety in mind with low, extra large seat and fully adjustable backrest that enables rider to place both feet flat on the ground while seated for stability. Enables coordination and balance practice and leg mobility when being seated is necessary.  For those people where leg movement is limited, the hand cycle can help improve co-ordination and strength.

These are examples of the types of equipment we are raising money for, and pictures are for illustrative purposes only.