Lycra sock

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Where I was once paralysed down my right side I now have use of it, but with numbness and diminished sensation. This effects how messages from my brain get to the required place (normally), but messages back are less, if at all, received. It’s also why my body doesn’t have control over my knee snapping back. To increase sensation physiotherapists are using compression garments. These have been used in sport recovery and enhancement for a while, but more extreme versions are now made to help the brain recognise its body. All garments are made to measure out of Lycra (and you get to choose the colour of the stitching and main material). I have a stocking for my right leg. I wear this most days with the idea being similar to using a plaster on a cut finger; the plaster reminds you of the injury so you are more careful about where you place your finger and when you remove the plaster the skin is still sensitive and again you are more careful about where you place your finger until the injury has healed.

Lycra Sock measurements
Lycra sock

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