Orthotic Sure Step


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This orthotic ‘Sure Step’ fits inside my shoe under the sole and forces the angle of the ankle to be less than 90° and therefore forces my shin forward forcing a bent knee. The problem I was having was my right knee kept uncontrollably snapping back every time I would take a step, which caused me to become off balanced and possible injuries. Your body tries to prevent injury so my body tried to prevent me using my right leg by overcompensating with my left leg causing me to limp. It meant my left leg was working twice as hard as the right resulting in me tiring quicker. Once I got used to the orthotic my endurance increased and stride lengths became even. The only negative is that I have to be careful when walking downhill because the foot plate doesn’t allow my ankle to stretch my foot down so I have to use exaggerated knee-bends to compensate. Also, the tan lines are awful if I wear shorts, haha! The idea is that as my leg become stronger with walking I may be able to wean off the ‘Sure Step’ one day.

Sure Step Orthotic in shoe

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