Day 18 – Severn Services to Rangeworthy

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In England’s Green and Pleasant Land

We get some great views of the Severn crossing and of Wales as we walk along the Severn Way. It seems that the sun has started to shine and the green hills of Wales look lovely.

The Severn way is well marked, but I’m starting to get a funny feeling that things have changed.

The Wales coast path for the last 50 miles or so was flat as it was by the estuary edge, but I can see the green hills of England starting to stretch away just where we want to be. I remember this area from JOGLE, very grassy, long grass, wet long grass. Surely not again?

Well would you look at that. Luckily it’s not been raining too much recently, but there is a heavy dew this morning, so it’s not long before i’ve got squelchy boots.

We’ve come across some interesting signs this morning which make us laugh, especially the one about the path being maintained.

Todays miles – 11.4

Ians Beer of the Day

I don’t know how long this has been around from the Marsden brewery but it makes a really nice change to Pedigree, which I used to like but I now find is a bit like ditch water. Sorry Marsdens. This 61 Deep however is very nice. Fresh crisp and a nice session ale. Definitely worth a try if you come across it.

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