Day 19 – Rangeworthy to Old Sodbury

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Fields, oh so many fields

I’d forgotten what this part of the country was like when we walked through it during JOGLE. I do remember that the Cotswold way was kind to us and that the scenery was stunning. Rolling hills, fields as far as the eye can see, dry stone walls, quaint little villages. Well that was the view from the Cotswold way. We’re now walking through those fields and I can tell you that it’s not ideal!

I’m not complaining though as the torrential rain that we woke up to this morning as stopped and we did put on full wet gear, so at least our feet are dry and so are our trousers.

Now that the sun is out it’s all getting a bit hot, so at a rest stop, it’s off with the wet stuff and back in t-shirts.

The Chipping Sodbury Lions very kindly put us up in the Cross Hands hotel when we did JOGLE and they have done the same this time. I do remember there was a big hill just before the pub, which was a bit of a killer, it’s still there and it’s no different this time.

Todays Miles – 8.2

Ians Beer of the Day

Award winning, one of my favourites and this is well kept. Well it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it.

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