Day 2 – Newgale to Haverfordwest

Lets learn lessons!

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Lets learn lessons!

Coast path? I think not! I had planned walking the coast path for a couple of miles until we turned inland at Nolton Haven, but as Zara was not keen, and to be fair neither was I we switched the road.

This was a great move, but we had started walking up hill, and there just seemed no end to it. As we were walking on the road, and it was a single track road, we were wary of cars. One which slowed to pass us caught my eye, as the driver had no clothes on his top. As I looked in to the car he had no trousers on. It was like a car crash, you just can’t help but look! He has very small briefs on, of possibly Speedos. I hope the latter as if he was off to the shops to buy milk and not go for an early morning swim i’m sure that the shop keeper would need therapy!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but the perpetual hills are starting to kill our legs. I said top Zara that I didn’t remember anything like this during JOGLE; she told me to shut up and stop complaining. I blame the Warrior!

We grab the bus back to Newgale from Haverfordwest, Zara has a rest and we move onto the Snooty Fox Inn for the next couple of nights.

Todays miles – 9.1

Ians Beer of the Day

Ice Breaker by Green King. Now I’m not usually a fan of the cold pour, gassy, trendy Pale Ales that seem to be about today, but this wasn’t too bad. It is what it is, and in the sunshine went down a treat.

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