Day 3 – Haverfordwest to The Snooty Fox Inn

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Did the Romans build these roads?

You have to love the days that start with hills. Mind you it seems that most of then have been like that so far. As we’re walking out of Haverfordwest Zara is startled by a dog, laughs and keeps walking up the hill, missing the turning we should have taken. Not realising this until we come to a small village we now have an extra 2 miles added to the day….up hill!!

I’ve seen these posts before when we’ve been walking and I have always wondered why there was a ‘no diving’ symbol. I know that sometimes they are near dykes but I was a bit confused.

The rest of the day isn’t too bad as the hills flatten out and we walk through The Rhos, however as we walk through Slebech Park the road straightens and just seems to go on forever and is virtually 3 miles long through Pickle Wood as we emerge at Black Pool Mill.

We shouldn’t have complained though as the hills are back as we walk through Minwear forest and back down to The Snooty Fox Inn

Todays miles – 10.3

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