Day 23 – Lechlade-on-Thames to Tadpole Bridge

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Locks not Stiles

You really wouldn’t think that the summer is supposed to be here in now in June, what with the fact that its been chucking it down with rain since 2 in the morning, I know ’cause it woke me up, it’s still raining and it’s supposed to carry on until 10! All we need now is more long grass. But at least we’re all decked out in wet weather gear.

The path is lovely, a couple of patches of long grass but mostly a well trodden path. It’s not long before we come across the first, or last I suppose depending on which way your going along the Thames, lock. The first of many for today.

The path has flattened out and the walking is nice and easy, and before long we’re at another lock. I guess that the lock keepers not only operate the locks but keep the area around them well tended. I’m sure there is a ‘Best kept Lock’ competition.

We’ve been following a herd of cows for a while across a field, but what we didn’t know was that we were herding them into the corner of the field we needed to go to to get over a small bridge. It all gets a bit interesting when they started walking back towards us because they had nowhere to go!

Todays mile – 10.5

Ians Beer of the Day

Gunners Gold from Loose Cannon Brewery. This is a fantastic fruity beer and at only 3.5% goes down far too easily. Found at The Trout at Tadpole bridge, where they very kindly let us stay overnight.

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