Day 7 – Pontyberem to Llanelli

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I love old railways

We’ve both woken up with aching legs, but i figure that the walk out of Pontyberem will sort them out. I’ve struggled a bit with planning the Side to Side more than I did with JOGLE as there aren’t many national paths, or paths in general going west to east unlike the Pennine Way, Cotswold Way going north to south, so I’ve resorted to the collective intelligence of the Internet to find help. A site called slow ways has given me a bit of help with this leg of the challenge.

The houses you can see on the hill is on the way into Pontyberem, fortunately the person who added the route to Slow Ways has done a sterling job and we are on an old railway track that is supposed to take us all the way into Llanelli.

After the hills, did I mention them? This is, and I quote “It’s like I’m on roller skates it’s so smooth” (Dyer, Z. 2002) it is absolute bliss. It’s slightly down hill, ’cause trains don’t really do hills very well and it’s great.

Now this is the type of walking that i have mostly become accustomed to. I’m sure that we have now done all of the hills and the rest of the Side to Side Challenge will be like this. Well today it was all the way into LLanelli as we were joined by Liz the Lion from Gower Lions club.

Todays miles – 9.7

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