Day 8 – Llanelli to Swansea

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The Mayor and Uncle Malcolm

We’ve walked over Loughor bridge and into Loughor itself to meet up with the Mayor, who along with some of the town council very kindly present us with a cheque to help us reach our goal of 1 million pennies.

Laugher council

Swansea Lions have helped out today as have Gower Lions who also present us with a cheque.

Loughor is famous for being the town where Evan Roberts started the Welsh Revival in religious worship in 1905. It is said that the churches filled and the pubs emptied.

We’ve been very fortunate again to find and old disused railway which has been turned into a path and cycleway. Unfortunately this being Sunday there are loads of cyclists out and about who seem to have forgotten to buy bells for their bikes or in fact that they do have brakes installed as standard.

We’d arranged to meet up with Zaras Uncle Malcom and his wife Suzi at The Railway Inn along the way. We hadn’t seen then for nearly 3 years and it was great to hear Suzi say how well Zara was looking and how much better at walking she was. It was only a couple of miles until the end and we then moved on to the Mumbles where we stayed overnight.

Todays miles – 9.1

Ians beer of the Day

Blodwen’s Beer, by Tomos Watkins. Apparently Blodwen was the finest cockle picker in all of Wales. This beer is clear, crisp and very fruity. I even thought that it tasted a bit like cider. Ice cold on a summers day and this will go down a treat.

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