Day 13 – Barry Island to Cardiff

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Ianto Jones’ shrine

Zara’s cousin Phoebe and her boyfriend Jake who take us back to Barry. We’re back on the coast path and the first bit is over a really stoney beach. I’m hoping this is not a sign of things to come. At least the sun is shining.

Fortunately it levels out and we make good progress. I was hoping that as we got towards Cardiff the Coast path would flatten out. It’s the Severn estuary so you’d hope so.

We come across the huge fungi that Google thinks is a Dryads Saddle. I’m not allowed to touch it just in case it’s poisonous. Looks tasty to me!

We walk in to Cardiff via Penarth which has some really nice Art Deco houses overlooking the sea and then we’re down to the Cardiff Barrage, I guess a smaller version of the Thames Barrier. Unbeknown to us there is a 10k race on today around the Bay Area but fortunately we’re past that before it starts. 

Phoebe meets us for dinner in the evening and start to ask if this is the part of Cardiff where Torchwood was set. I’d hardly finished my sentence and she’s showing us all the places including a shrine to Ianto Jones which sprung up just after he was killed off in the show. As we’re standing there a chap walks up with headphones on doing a walking tour, stands on front of the shrine takes domes pictures and moves on. Strange lot these Dr. Who types.

Todays Miles – 9.3

Ians Beer of the Day

Bottled beer again. Very pleasant from the Gower brewery. I think (but I may be wrong) another bottle conditioned beer with a bit of sediment.

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