Day 14 – Cardiff to Lighthouse Inn

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It’s that type of rain that soaks you through.

So the weather forecast is for a 90% chance of rain from 07:00 to 12:00 with a westerly wind gusting 30mph. Looking out of the window it looks a bit grey and it’s a bit blowey but nothing too dramatic. 

The trouble with walking in waterproof trousers is they’re great for keeping you dry, but also for making you sweat, which makes you wet, so as it’s not raining we decide against them. 

That’s great, the wind is behind us helping us along, it’s not cold, and there’s just a bit of drizzle in the air. It’s not until we stop for a rest at 4 miles that we realise that our fronts and dry ish but it’s a bit too late to put on waterproof trousers now, so wet legs it is then.

Despite the rain, its not too bad underfoot and we make decent progress, but it’s just a bit soggy.

Jake picks up up again but this time we’re sitting on plastic bags in his car so we don’t get his seats all wet!

Todays Miles – 10.3

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