Day 9 – Swansea to Port Talbot

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Canals and Beaches

We can see Port Talbot across Swansea Bay and the big plumes of what I hope is steam coming from the power station and not smoke. We’ve been dropped off by Carole the President of Porthcawl Lions Club this morning and we’re back on the Wales Costal Path.

We’re very surprised to find that we are walking alongside the Tennat Canal, which is something I didn’t think that we would be doing in this country of hills. It’s really quite pleasant and we come across a mummy duck on 6 ducklings whos legs I’m sure are going crazy under water just trying to keep up with her.

We have to do a bit of road walking to get us onto the A48 bridge going over the River Neath, which is part of the WCP, and we’re soon back off the road and back on cycle ways.

The tower housed the steam accumulator which was park of the hydraulic system that opperated a floating dock gate which wes 17m wide. The gate separated the inner dock and the outer basin.

After winding our way around the power station we are out onto the sand dunes and are able to get down on to Aberavon beach which is a fantastic clear stretch with hardly anyone else there. It’s nice and firm underfoot and we make good time back to Pixi.

Todays miles – 8.7

Ians Beer of the Day

Beachcomber, by Conwy brewery. Similar to Conwy with a light citrus taste. Unpasteurised and unfiltered so a little sediment.

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