Day 15 – St. Brides to Nash

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The Newport Transporter Bridge

This morning brings nice weather and Jim from Newport Lions is picking us up from our overnight stop at The Waterloo Inn and taking us back to our start point.

On the sea wall again but this time no wind and no rain, and we catch a glimpse of the Prince of Wales bridge in the far distance.

The coast path takes us through Newport as we’ve got to get over the River Usk estuary. I’m quite keen to see the Newport Transporter Bridge which is being restored at the moment. It is 1 of only 2 left in the world with the other being in Bilbao. 

Today’s Miles – 9.2

Ians Beer of the Day

Back on the Butty Bach at The Waterloo Inn, but this time it’s from the hand pump. Didn’t get a picture of it as it didn’t stay around long enough!

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