Day 16 – Nash to Rogiet

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The Witches of Nash

We’re at the Waterloo Inn and I was having a chat with the barmaids, and asking why this pub and really lovely church are here (Nash is in the middle of nowhere and is a little village). They told me that the parish is made up of 3 villages, Nash, Goldcliff and Saltmarsh. It’s been that way for years and in fact they are all Witches and Devil worshipers. A bit like the in the film Hot Fuzz. I laughed and said I could understand that. After a couple of pints I was thinking about what they said, no they were joking weren’t they? I double checked the door on the motorhome and slept with one eye open last night!!

The church in Nash is really unusual inside with the pulpit in the middle of the church not at the end near the alter.

It used to be a leper church and I do wonder if the stalls in the church wether the pews are now were bunks and the Minister would deliver the sermon from the pulpit over looking the stalls. There is still a hole in the church wall were you can see the pulpit, apparently so unaffected parishioners could look into the church and see the sermon without going inside.

We’re back on the coast path but it seems as though this section is either common ground or is owned by a cattle farmer as we are having to dodge old and very fresh cow pats nearly every foot steps. When we go through gates the cow pats stop, but the path is overgrown with long grass. I’m not sure which i prefer.

But the sun is out and the views across the Severn estuary are stunning so we really can’t complain.

So according to the locals Rogiet is not pronounced ‘Rowgehey’ as perhaps the French would say, but ‘Rogget’, like hogget, or mutton. But not mutton ’cause that doesn’t sound anything like hogget.

Today’s miles – 10.3

Ian’s Beer of the Day

We have moved on to Mathern and The Millers Arms pub. A really nice place and very motorhome friendly. The have their own beer brewed by the Mumbles Brewery and this is a really nice beer. A golden/amber colour, sweet but with a slightly hoppy end to it. A bit too drinkable.

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